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Charmain Lewis, Health and Wellness Educator/Speaker is the Founder and CEO of HealthIQ Resource Group LLC, that is an online academy that focus on courses and training in health and wellness improvement. 


Lewis is from Dallas, Texas where she achieved her excellent nursing knowledge and degree. Her medical background and expertise are in the fields of Hospice, Pediatrics, Med-Surge, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Assistant Director of Nursing for Home Health, and certification in The Psychology of Older Age/Gerontology. 


She genuinely believes that “Knowledge is Power” and excels in educating all to strive for academic excellence. Your health and well-being is so precious, and knowing how to care for it is key to happiness, healthiness, and longer living.

To be a learning-centered company that advances the knowledge of health and wellness improvement through research, resources and striving for endless academic excellence.



To develop and maintain exceptional health educational courses, topics, and materials to Inspire hope, and contribute to life-long learning for the betterment of humanity. To know better, is to do better.



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